Export the Underlying Non-Shiny code from ShinyApp (the HTML/CSS/JS)

Does anyone know how to get the underlying HTML/CSS?Javascript code that is generated from the Shiny code in R?

Separately, this might be my beginner's ignorance of Shiny knowledge, but if you can do that, is it possible to take that code and use it on a localhost server, and deploy your shinyapp that way?

Apologies if that doesn't make sense, I'm not a back-end, server-type person, so I don't really understand those intricacies as much. Thanks in advance

It seems your question(s) could be rephrased as: "Is it possible to run shiny purely client-side?", and the answer would be no. Shiny apps can run on localhost, but regardless of where the shiny app is running, it needs to communicate with an R webserver in order for it to behave properly.

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