export rstudio packages to the stata software

Hi ! I need your smart advise.
I am working on a research project and use the R studio for the first time. I am working state software and at the same time learn the R studio. I am wondering is it possible to make an export from R studio packages to the Stata software or Excel? Please help me to answer this question.

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If you are asking if functions from packages in R can be called from Stata, you should ask in a Stata forum, not an R one. If you want to transfer data, that can easily be exported in a file format like csv. If you want to run parts of Stata in R, there is a tool here: https://cran.r-project.org/web/packages/RStata/README.html I have not tried it myself, though.

Thank you so much for responding. It was helpful for me. I still would like to clarify following:

Is that possible to transfer(or extract) data Orthodont (from packages(nlme)) to .csv file? I need this csv file to use in Stata software in future.

I would appreciate your advice on that.

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you can output any data.frame with write.csv() function
aside from googling you can learn about any function in R by typing it into the console with a questionmark infront


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