Export RStudio data to EXCEL

Hi all,

I have created a new dataset in Rstudio, and I would like to export it into an Excel file. I saw that I could use the xlsx package, but then errors come up:
'Error: package 'rJava' could not be loaded'.

I have read that I should install a new java program on my computer, which I did (64 bits). However, this also does not seem to work.

Does anybody know how to help me with this? Is there another package?

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I've found the openxlsx package to be easier to use than the xlsx package. It also doesn't have a java dependency. The main command for directly writing a data frame to an Excel file is write.xlsx. You can also create worksheets, do lots of fancy formatting and write multiple tables to a worksheet (see the vignettes here for some examples), but start with write.xlsx for basic creation of Excel files.


Hi Joels, thanks for your help.
After I installed the openxlsx package, I wrote:
write.xlsx(daily, "daily.xlsx")
The name of my data is called 'daily'.

However, I got an error message:
Zipping up workbook failed. Please make sure Rtools is installed or a zip application is available to R. Try installr::install.rtools() on Windows.

I have now installed rtools from the internet, but I still get the same error message.

try restarting RStudio/R, if you have not already. iir the installer makes path changes which don't show up until a restart.

You can also try the rather new package writexl. The writexl package is also free from the java dependency.



write_xlsx(x = daily, path = "daily.xlsx", col_names = TRUE)


Regarding your java installation. Make sure that it isn't the 32-bit R version you use if you have installed 64-bit java. It's a while ago I've had any issues, but I vaguely remember I had some problems because of this.

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Thank you all so much!!! I got the problem fixed now thanks to you guys!

I'd like to add a strong endorsement for writexl. If it does what you need, it's great to design away the external dependencies the other packages require.


"writexl" works very well and it is easy to use. Thanks