Export cluster members to excel file


I have been making a k means cluster analysis. I have four clusters with many members in each. I need to see which data points belong to which cluster, and I have been doing this:


This gives me a looong list of the members, but the problem is that it won't show me all the members, because the amount of members exceeds the limit. ([ reached getOption("max.print") -- omitted 77888 rows ])

I tried exporting to a txt file hoping that it would give me the full list, but unfortunately it just copied the original list from rstudio which stops at ([ reached getOption("max.print") -- omitted 77888 rows ]).

> sink(file = "GPS_output.txt")
> scaled_data[km$cluster==1,]
> sink(file = NULL)

Does anyone have an idea how I export the full list of each cluster? Thanks!

Solved it by using the following code to increase the max limit

> options(max.print=999999)

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