Exploring Survey of Consumer Finances

Hi, I downloaded the Survey of Consumer Finances for R by following this tutorial Survey of Consumer Finances (SCF) | Analyze Survey Data for Free
I have 2 files. The first scf_imp (Large list 5 elements 1.3 GB). The second scf_rw (appears to be the weights of each variable). I only interested in 2019 so I use this code:

# 2019 only
scf_cat <- subset( scf_cat , year == 2019 )
# download the microdata to your local computer
scf_cat <- lodown( "scf" , scf_cat )

In addition, the following code is provided if I aren't wrong it is to get the proper design

scf_design <-
     svrepdesign (
         weights = ~ wgt,
         repweights = scf_rw [, -1],
         data = imputationList (scf_imp),
         scale = 1,
         rscales = rep (1/998, 999),
         mse = FALSE,
         type = "other",
         combined.weights = TRUE

I have never worked with lists or surveys with such a volume of information and I not sure how to do basic calculations because usually I just worked with dataframes with a variable and its weight. My question is how do I access the values of each variable taking in to account that the info of 1 variable is spread in 5 diferent elements (dataframes) of 1 list and it has to be weighted. For example, the sum of the variable x weighted. Or the sum of the variable y weighted when the variable z is bigger than 300.

My survey design looks like this

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