Exploratory Factor Analysis with Principal Axis Factoring Extraction method

Hi everyone I am able to do my EFA with the fa() function:
EFA <-fa(efa.ef.data.complete.cases, nfactors=2,rotate="varimax",fm="minres")

According to the documentation, the argument fm specifies the extraction method, "minres" which is minimum residual. I cannot find what the argument for principal axis factoring is. The r documentation talks about principal axis factoring, but does not specify the what the argument for it is.

When I googled this question, and several guides led me to another function: factor.pa(), but the r documentation indicates it is "deprecated" I have also looked at the function factanal(), but this is only for maximum likelihood..

Does anyone know the argument abbreviation for principal axis factoring or another appropriate function?



I browsed through the documentation, and they did not make it clear the fm="pa" is in fact the principal axis factoring method. It's described as 'principal factor solution' but when you look in the examples at the bottom you'll see they do mean principal axis:

pa <- fa(Harman74.cor$cov,4,fm="pa" ,rotate="varimax") #principal axis

Hope this helps,

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