Expense Tracker - Shiny Contest Submission

Expense Tracker

Authors: Bliss Cohen

Abstract: This is personal app for our family to track reimbursable expenses for our daughter while she is away at school. Expenses are submitted and summarized in monthly and yearly graphs. A data table, which can be downloaded, contains all the records.

Full Description: This project is for the RStudio 2021 Shiny Contest. Development for the Expense Tracker app was inspired when our daughter left for graduate school in the fall of 2020. We, as her parents, agreed to help pay for some expenses. Our daughter enters her expenses at regular intervals and we monitor them online.

The app has been modified for the contest. Writing and cloud-reading capabilities are commented out. Only toy expenses are displayed in the summaries and data table.

Keywords: personal app, family app, identify reimbursable expenses, school, budget, away from home
Shiny app: https://data-bc.shinyapps.io/Expense_Tracker/
Repo: GitHub - b19356/Expense-Tracker: Shiny Contest
RStudio Cloud: Posit Cloud


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