Exit code 15 in terminal of RStudio 1.4 (but not RStudio 1.3)

Situation: I open a new terminal window, work in it, then close RStudio, then reopen RStudio and want to continue working in the same Terminal window

In RStudio 1.3 I can do it.
In RStudio 1.4 I get the message "Process Completed. Exit code: 15". Printscreen:
I can continue to work only in a new terminal window.

If I reinstall RStudio 1.3 again, the issue disappears. So I think it is related to RStudio 1.4.

  1. What does this exit code 15 mean?
  2. Is it a bug or intended behavior?
  3. Can change of some RStudio 1.4 settings lead to the behavior that was in RStudio 1.3 (e.g., ability to work in the same terminal window after RStudio is restarted)?

I use Windows 10, R 4.0.3, terminal: either Git bash or bash on WSL (the issue is present in both).

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