Executing shiny modules in a sequential manner

Hi Rstudio community,

I'm trying to build an app with shiny modules. These modules need to be executed in a sequential manner and each module builds on the same object such as the example below:

QG <- callModule(loadInput, "first")
QG <- callModule(addParameter, "second", QG) 
QG <- callModule(analyze, "third",  QG)

I wrap the return values with reactive expression and I tried having a unique name for each module output (example below) but it doesn’t' work.

QG1 <- callModule(loadInput, "first")
QG2 <- callModule(addParameter, "second", QG1) 
QG3 <- callModule(analyze, "third",  QG2)

What's the best way to do this?

Thank you in advance.