Execute SQL Stored Procedures from R


I can connect my server based Shiny app to a SQl Database on Azure, but am looking for the proper library and syntax for sending parameters to execute a SQL stored procedure which is part of this database. I simply want to execute a stored procedure from my Shiny app but can't seem to find documentation on how to do this. Any ideas are appreciated!

What flavour of SQL is it?

We mainly use MS SQL 2014, and simply script the stored procedure in the database under programmability\stored procedures....here's sample code in SQL database:

while @pt_num < = @Geog_Comp.STNumPoints()
   VALUES (@Comp_ID, @Geog_Comp.STPointN(@pt_num).M, @Geog_Comp.STPointN(@pt_num).Long, @Geog_Comp.STPointN(@pt_num).Lat)
   --Set @meas_cur = @Geog_Comp.STPointN(@pt_num).M
   --print @meas_cur
   set @pt_num =  @pt_num + 1

ok, found the proper resource to solve this problem:

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