Execute all lines in a statement

I am using the latest 1.1.456
What happened to the old check box under Global options-Codes
Execute all line in a statement
The checkbox now disappears.

Are you talking about the Execution section in Preferences >> Code?

I'm using 1.2.964 (a recent daily build), but it might be that it's now a dropdown as opposed to a checkbox.

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Not quite. I like to turn off the option which moves the cursor to the next executable or comment line after hitting Run or control entert. I would like the cursor to stay right at the next blank line, and another run, another blank line.

This is particularly useful when I enter data with the scan statement (shown below). I like to execute a blank line to signal the end of my data. With the cursor moving to the next executable line, I have no way of executing a blank line to signal the end of my data. Please help. Thanks,.

The following data-entry command works fine if placed at the end of the code. Not so if there are commands after that.

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Hmm, I haven't used scan() before, so I haven't seen your expected behaviour in action, and am not sure if I can be of much help.

If this is your primary use-case, you might want to add something about that to the question and/or title, since the behaviour of scan() seems quite different to typical R code.

It's possible to execute the current line / statement without moving the cursor by using Alt + Enter -- does that help in your case?