Excel tables to Rmarkdown table

I have a excel workbook which have n number of worksheets in it. Each sheet contains different number of tables and text as well in it of different length. so, is there a way that I can convert them into Rmarkdown tables in just one go. The method I currently know is to copy and past the table on some converter and it converts but its static. Is there a way that in R or python I just read the excel file and the tables of excel are converted into Rmarkdown tables. like I don't want to copy and paste each table to convert.

I dont't know how to this with the markdown table syntax. But you can read sheets into R as a list of data frames with purrr::map and then use map(list-of-data-frames, knitr::kable to render multiple tables in an R Markdown document at once, they look the same as generatred by the table syntax

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