Examples GitHub Repos Used to Create a New Class or Project with RStudio.Cloud?

Can I get an example of a file on git that could be used to create a new class and/or project?

Originally posted from Teaching R online with RStudio Cloud - Webinar Follow-Up

Here is an example of a repository that is an assignment in an introductory data science course. Note that in my course I would have made copies of this repo for each student (with the repo name appended with student's GitHub name) that only that student and myself can view. You can do this sort of making many copies of repos for students using the ghclass package in R or using GitHub Classroom.

Each student would then take the URL of their repo with these started documents and create a New Project from Git in the course workspace (so one repo -> one project). This RStudio Cloud project would be populated with these starter documents and also would have the R packages they need installed (coming from the base project in RStudio Cloud).

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