EventPointer problem

Hi, I need to use EventPointer function from EventPointer package. I created aroma.affymetrix pre-processed variable, design matrix and contrast matrix but I can't deal with last function (EventPointer).
I have got still the same error:
5:15:10 PM Running EventPointer:
** Statistical Analysis: Logarithm of the fold change of both isoforms
** Delta PSI will be calculated
** Expression filter using 25 quantile
Error in file(file, "rt") : cannot open the connection

What should I do? Please help

descFile = read.csv("Data.csv",sep="")
group = descFile$HP[match(samplenames, descFile$file_name)]
group=factor(group, levels=c('cancer','not'))
group = relevel(group, "not")
Design_matrix = model.matrix(~ group )
Contrast_matrix = contrasts(group)

EventsFound <- paste(system.file('extdata', package='EventPionter'), '/EventsFound.txt', sep='')

Events = EventPointer(Design=Design_matrix, Contrast = Contrast_matrix, ExFit = ExFit, Eventstxt = EventsFound, Filter = TRUE , Qn = 0.25, Statistic = "LogFC", PSI = TRUE )

Version: 3.5.1 on Windows

Hi, and welcome!



If data.csv doesn't appear, you would get the connection error if it's coming after the first line. A reproducible example, called a reprex is needed to see which.

My data.csv appears when I try dir()

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Sorry for my miscapitalized example

data.csv or Data.csv

okej, so my R can see data from csv file and EventsFound.txt. I created designer matrix and contrast matrix with no errors and I still have got the same error. I changed filter=T/F , PSI=T/F and statistic in different combination but it did nothing

Can we see a reproducible example, called a reprex ?

I'm sorry but when i try to do this I receive empty white space

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