Euro NCAP Safety Ratings - 2023 |> Table Contest

Euro NCAP Safety Ratings - 2023

Authors: Jerry Wu

Full Description:
For this contest, I aim to integrate the great-tables and Polars packages in Python to create a table that displays the 2023 Euro NCAP ratings for 17 cars.


Table Type: static-HTML
Submission Type: Tutorial
Tutorial: Euro NCAP Safety Ratings - 2023
Table: euroncap_2023
Code: GitHub - jrycw/posit-gt-2024: Euro NCAP Safety Ratings - 2023
Language: Python
Industries: Automotive, car insurance.
Packages: great_tables, polars

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I love this, and nice full tutorial too.

I couldn't help but notice that your tables are all static images, but the code is setting up the row labels as links (and the column labels might be clickable to sort?). Have you looked at deploying the table as a jupyter notebook or quarto doc to github pages or That way you can link to the fully featured table.

@EconomiCurtis, thanks for your great suggestion. I took some time to figure out how to output the table in raw HTML and render it in Quarto Pub, and it looks great!

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I thought there was a chef kiss emoji, but this is the best I have; :kissing_smiling_eyes::pinched_fingers:. As a frequent pedestrian, I hope folks seriously consider the BMW 5 Series

Sorry about that. I know this would be even more work for you, but if you had feedback for the Quarto Pub team about why this was such a struggle, I think they'd like to hear it. I think you'd do so on the quarto-cli github issues page, with the publishing-quartopub tag.

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A possible solution suggested by @machow is to add html-table-processing: none as a formatting option.