ets function unable to fit model


I'm currently trying to showcase the difference between simple ets() and HoltWinters() smoothing. However, when I try the ets() method, I always get an error called "no model able to be fitted".

Here's my code:

model_ets <- ets(data_ts, model = "ZZZ", damped = TRUE, alpha = 0.9, beta = 0.9, gamma = FALSE)

When trying to use a season type, R tells me there is no seasonality so I've set gamma to false. But no matter what combination of model type I try there will always be the error.

Using HoltWinters() there is no problem but I can't seem to get it running for ets()

Any ideas?

Hi @Rtist1

Although you have provided your code for the modeling step, we will also need a sample dataset so we can try
the code ourselves.

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