ETL with R Markdown on RStudio Connect - Output files

This blog is a how-to guide for leveraging R Markdown output files to create a basic ETL process that feeds other data products also hosted on RStudio Connect.

This is what I built to demonstrate the workflow:

Here is a link to the code template: How-To: Leverage R Markdown output files to create simple ETL processes on RStudio Connect (These are two separate data assets) · GitHub

More information about R Markdown output files can be found in the RStudio Connect user guide here

Please let me know if you try building something similar, I'd love to hear about it!


Hi Kelly! I have my permissions set to "anyone - no login required" on the markdown. This is the error i get on the Shiny app:

2019/04/24 15:37:56.864351336 Error in value[3L] :
2019/04/24 15:37:56.864366436 path[1]="": No such file or directory
2019/04/24 15:37:56.864417636 Calls: local ... tryCatch -> tryCatchList -> tryCatchOne ->
2019/04/24 15:37:56.864419436 Execution halted

Thanks @rexeven!
Can you share your shiny code as well (or at least the relevant bits)?




hist_snap <- read_feather('')

hist_snap2 <- read_feather('')

Its odd; I can navigate to var/lib/rstudio-connect/reports...appropriate version/bundle/etc. and see the .feather files. I can also put the https address in my browser and it prompts me to download the file.

Yeah that's really curious - and you double checked that the URLs you're using there are correct? You pulled it straight from the "Open Solo" location?

Content deployed to will have its output files available under that URL path. An output file named daily-summary.csv will be available at the URL .
The URL for your content is the same as its “Open Solo” location and is available in the RStudio Connect dashboard.

I did. And the fact that putting that exact address into my browser prompts me to download the file, leads me to believe it is correct. I feel like it is perhaps a configuration issue. Should my RConnect config file have a [Data Dir] entry? Mine does not, but perhaps it goes to default if it is not specified?

Also, I should mention: I was able to create a folder on the RConnect server that my team can all write to with a markdown document, and then read from in a Shiny app. So the concept itself is working. I just don't like that method, as we will surely run into issues when people save files with the same names. I also don't want to manage creating a folder for every Shiny app to prevent overwriting. It seems the HTTP call is the issue, but only from RConnect.

Yep - absolutely. This paradigm feels cleaner to me than the persistent storage solution for all the reasons you've noted. But only if we can get it working!

My colleague @cole mentioned that we have seen networking issues and situations where Connect has been configured in such a way that the server cannot address itself by its DNS name. If you want to open a support ticket on this issue, we would be happy to work through it with you. I think it might be worth getting some logs and learning about your config and proxy setup. If you do open a ticket, please reference this community post so that our support team can pull me in on it.


I opened a ticket, thanks!

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Via the support ticket created, we found that this was actually due to an issue with the feather package. There's an open bug report for this here:
We hope this will be resolved soon; in the meantime, should anyone else run into this issue, we recommend trying writing and reading .csv ​ files instead to see if this resolves the issue.

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Note that until the issue is resolved, it is also possible to just download the feather file into a temp / local location before reading it too :smile:

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