Estimating DCC GARCH

Hi, I am in the first step of estimating DCC GARCH, but I have a trouble with the function "ugarchspec".
When I entered the code:
The result is ...could not find function "ugarchspec" although I installed package "ugarch".
Can anyone help me please?

I think the package is called rugarch, have you loaded the package with library(rugarch) before using the function?

Oh, sorry, I have already installed package "rugarch". I don't know why the result appeared like that. Can you help me with this situation please? Thank you very much.

Installing and loading are two different things, Do you get any message if you try to load the package?


Have you ever estimated DCC GARCH? If you have used this model, can you tell me which packages that I have to install in order to run DCC GARCH? I've just learn about R program so I am not good at using it smoothly.
Thank you for your help. :slight_smile:

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