Estimate R from exponential growth rate

Hi, Guys. It's my first time here, so IDK if I'm doing this in the right way.

It's probably something basic to you all, but I'm struggling to understand how R0 was estimated using exponential growth rate in this example:

#Loading package

Data is taken from the paper by Nishiura for key transmission parameters of an institutional

outbreak during 1918 influenza pandemic in Germany)

mGT<-generation.time("gamma", c(3, 1.5))
est.R0.EG(Germany.1918, mGT, begin=1, end=27)

Reproduction number estimate using Exponential Growth

R : 1.525895[ 1.494984 , 1.557779 ]


It was quite difficult to me to follow what these variables are: c(3, 1.5)). Yes, I've checked the paper and I still don't know why the example is using 3 and 1.5.

I'll be really greatful if someone can help me.

Best regards,


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