Estimate in a confidence interval found by using confint()


I have this output here from confint() function.

                  2.5 %    97.5 %

(Intercept) 0.950408 2.042817
FemaleParticipation 41.307818 59.260932

I was wondering if anybody knows how to get the sample mean used here to get the confidence interval. Sure, I could find the sample standard deviation and z / t-value to find it, but is there a function that just does this in R-Studio?

I'm not sure about confint() in particular, but if it is a standard confidence interval it will be centered on the sample mean. So all you need to do is find the exact center of the confidence interval by averaging the two end points.

So for this example it would just be (41.31 + 59.26) / 2 = 50.31 for FemaleParticipation.

Hope this helps!