Errror message unexpected symbol

Hie i am trying to specify my colunm names and im seeing the error below how can i solve it
names(Billyt)<- c ("Village", "Time.resident.(yrs)", "", "Full.perimeter.fence", "", "Corral.distance.(m)", "", "Corral.area.(m²)", "Corral.strength.(1-5), "Wooden.poles", "Metal.poles", "Horizontal.poles", "Metal.wiring", "Brash", "Cattle.lion.corral.attacks" )

Error: unexpected symbol in "names(Billyt)<- c ("Village", "Time.resident.(yrs)", "", "Full.perimeter.fence", "", "Corral.distance.(m)", "", "Corral.area.(m²)", "Corral.stre"

For analysis I personally would use shorter (but descriptive) names.
Only when reporting/publishing I would use column headers of the form that you use.

You missed a close bracket after Coral.Strength

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