errror in library installation

Trying to install a package but it is returning me this error.

devtools::install_github("pecanproject/pecan", subdir = 'utils')

ERROR: dependencies 'PEcAn.DB', 'PEcAn.logger', 'PEcAn.remote', 'PEcAn.utils' are not available for package ''

  • removing 'C:/Users/rbmahbub/AppData/Local/Programs/R/R-4.2.1/library/'

Apparently, this package has dependencies (needs other packages to be installed), and these other packages are not available in the common repositories, but in a special repository.

They do have a specific section in their book as to how to install their packages, it seems they have some peculiar requirements, that an install_github() can not solve automatically.

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