Errors with installing packages and updates

Hey there,

One of the projects Im currently working on will not allow me to work with the read_csv() through the reader package. I am unsure if I am doing anything wrong but I have no idea what could possibly be causing an error. This is an exercise I am doing through my certification program and I cannot figure it out RStudio Cloud
I really just need to know what I may be doing wrong.


I think we need any error messages that you are getting--assuming there are error messages and it would help if we can see your code.

Is there any reason to think the .csv file is "peculiar"? What does it look like in a text editor?

Have a look at FAQ: How to do a minimal reproducible example ( reprex ) for beginners

for some suggestions on posting code & data here.

the default function for read csv in R is: read.csv()

You need select the path of his file. You could use file.choose() and select the file.

Check if the file has "," or ";" for separate colums


data<-read.csv("put the path", sep=",")

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