Errors of visual mode with [@cites]

I'm having problems with non in-text cites such [@smith2019] that compile perfectly to PDF in non-visual mode, but switch to visual mode, sometimes changed the cite to [\@smith2019] or [@smith2019\] or [\@smith2019\] obviously causing fatal errors.

I am unable to find a reproducible minimal example, since even the same cite not always is changed in the same way, but even the cites created in visual mode are changed sometimes.

I have been also unable to prevent changes through the YALM header. Activating "Write canonical visual mode rmarkdown in source mode" in global preferences apparently do nothing except suggest doing it in a project basis, but I cannot find what exactly I must do.

So, could someone post and example of YAML header that prevents any change of source when switching to visual mode, or some idea to avoid changes in the cites with parenthesis, beside avoid at all the visual mode?

Which version of the RStudio IDE are you using ?

I think some related issues have been fixed already but probably not release.

Can you try on of the daily version ? or Preview if you prefer RStudio Preview - RStudio


I updated to RStudio 2022.02.0+443 and at first glance seems to work fine at this respect. Thanks. :grinning:

Anyway, it would be nice to access the citation dialog without switching to the visual mode. Hope that gets implemented in the future. :thinking:

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