Error without message

Is there a way to generate an error without message?
My goal would be to see a fail in background job, but see the message without the message generated by error call

You might need to give more details on the context to get a better answer.

One answer to the question as written is:

q(save = 'no',  status = 1)

since in a Linux shell, a status different from 0 indicates an error. You can test that with this simple bash script:

set -ue
echo "Starting"
Rscript.exe -e "q(save = 'no', status = 1)"
echo "Continuing"

(in my case I'm using Linux through Windows' WSL, so calling with Rscript.exe, on a Linux or Mac machine you'd remove the .exe).

If you run that script as is, you get an output "Starting". If you remove set -e, or Rscript..., or use status = 0, you get both "Starting" and "Continuing". This is because when set -e is enabled, bash stops on errors, and a status = 1 counts as an error.

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