Error with scrape_statcast_savant_batter

Hi, I am trying to use the package below to download data.

S <- scrape_statcast_savant_batter("2017-04-01",
batterid = 519203)

I ran the code and received this error multiple times. I kept on trying and it eventually worked. Is there any reason to why it does not work at first?

2017-04-01 is not a date. Attempting to coerce...|PO|S|&hfC&hfSea=2017|&hfSit=&hfOuts=&opponent=&pitcher_throws=&batter_stands=&hfSA=&player_type=batter&hfInfield=&team=&position=&hfOutfield=&hfRO=&home_road=&batters_lookup[]=519203&game_date_gt=2017-04-01&game_date_lt=2017-09-30&hfFlag=&hfPull=&metric_1=&hfInn=&min_pitches=0&min_results=0&group_by=name&sort_col=pitches&player_event_sort=h_launch_speed&sort_order=desc&min_abs=0&type=details
These data are from BaseballSavant and are property of MLB Advanced Media, L.P. All rights reserved.
Grabbing data, this may take a minute...
URL does not seem to exist, please check your Internet connection
Original error message:
Evaluation error: transfer closed with 1558478 bytes remaining to read.Error in value[3L] : No payload acquired

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