Error with Propensity score matching. Please help

If someone could please help me, I am trying my hand at propensity score matching and cannot figure out why I keep getting this error:

Error in Match(Y = Y, Tr = Tr, X = X, M = 1) : length(Tr) != nrow(X)

This is panel data looking at how the effects of a law going away effected Y.

##Propensity Score

Tr <- cbind(MasterSheet$repeals_after_2001)
Y <- cbind(MasterSheet$Days_perweek)
X <- cbind(MasterSheet$OFFP_Hours_Sunday, MasterSheet$OFFP_Hours_weekdays, MasterSheet$State_control_liquor,
MasterSheet$Age_group, MasterSheet$Education, MasterSheet$Income,
MasterSheet$Race, MasterSheet$Gender)

##Descriptive Statistics for Treated, Outcome and Matching Variables


##Propensity Score Model

##Binge Drinking

glm1 <- glm(Tr ~ X, data = MasterSheet)


X <- glm1$fitted
Y <- MasterSheet$Binge_drinkers
Tr <- MasterSheet$repeals_after_2001

matched1 <- Match(Y=Y, Tr=Tr, X=X, M=1)

Hi, can you provide a reproducible example of your dataset? We have no idea what your dataset looks like and can't really help with your question.

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