Error with my plots

Hi guys, I keep on having this error message for all my plots, does someone know how to fix this problem? I would be grateful, thanks for taking time!
Error in grid.newpage() : could not open file '/home/zctqeem/.rstudio/notebooks/E3B22445-Assessment V1/1/F4CB032Be6320c18/c8idk8zr25xbx_t/_rs_chunk_plot_004.png'

Error in grid.newpage() : could not open file '/home/zctqeem/.rstudio/notebooks/E3B22445-Assessment V1/1/F4CB032Be6320c18/c8idk8zr25xbx_t/_rs_chunk_plot_005.png'

Please try providing a reproducible example so that there is more background to your question.

With a reproducible example, the context would be more clear and a better understanding of the problem is obtained. This helps the community to support in a better way! You may construct the example with a sample data set.

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