Error with my cloud account

Cleaning a ridership data. Everytime i try to stack the data into one frame with this syntax:

r Cyclist_trips <- bind_rows(q2_2019, q3_2019, q4_2019, q1_2020)
Note: I have installed and loaded "dplyr" - install.packages("dplyr"), library(dplyr)

An error message pops up!

Kindly find link to the project here:

Hi Yomi,

It looks like a memory issue based upon the gauge on the top menu bar and the fact you are working will large datasets with 1m+ rows. If you need to solve this problem in Posit Cloud, I suggest upgrading to the new Cloud Basic plan that can go up to 8GB of RAM - compared with just 1GB on Cloud Free --> Posit Cloud Basic Plan

Alternatively, you shouldn't have a problem running it on your own machine using RStudio Desktop.


Thank you. This is appreciated

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