Error with GitHub and saving

I have been using my RStudio Cloud project with GitHub to commit/push/pull my work but all of a sudden RStudio is not saving my work even after hitting save multiple times while working within the project. When I try to commit to GitHub, the Markdown file is not listed in the window and when I knit the document it knits to the RMarkdown template with none of my work. When I'm writing the code there are no error and it runs fine.

Sorry to hear about your troubles with saving. could you please post your project URL?

Omar Baba
RStudio cloud

Also - what browser you're using?

I don't believe that I can access the project URL. I am a student and my professor is the admin of the space. The browser I am using is Microsoft Edge. I've always used this and have never had any issues until now.

Thanks for providing the project URL.

I have not found any issues with that project. I suggest to try to open it using Chrome or Firefox browser and see if that resolves your issue. We have received a few issues from users using Edge recently that we're currently investigating.

Please let me know if using a different browser resolves your issue.

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