Error with dcc function in treeclim: "Error in (start_year + offset):end_year : argument of length 0"

Hello everyone,

I'm having trouble with a function in the 'treeclim' package. Would you help me? I tried to edit my function based on several different feedbacks I found in plenty of forums related to issues other people had that are similar to mine. But none worked.

std111minus3 is the name of my chrono data
Tempp is the name of my climate data

I'm using this function:

dcc(chrono = std111minus3, climate =Tempp, selection =(-6:12), method = "response", dynamic = "static", win_size = 25, win_offset = 1, start_last = TRUE, timespan = NULL, var_names = NULL, ci = 0.05, boot = "stationary", sb = TRUE)

..and I keep getting this error:
"treeclim tries to use the maximum overlap in timespan for chronology and climate data. The overlap starts in NA, but to be able to use climate data from the previous year(s) (as you chose by setting 'selection' accordingly), the analysis starts in NA.
Error in (start_year + offset):end_year : argument of length 0"

Comment: the climate data includes years from 1901 to 2020. Whereas my data is from 1893 to 2021. I also tried to truncate my data years, so that they match the time window of the climate data, but it doesn't work.

I attached below a screenshot: the tab on the left is how my chrono data looks, on the right is my climate data.

Thanks in advance just for reading this.



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