Error with customizing directory for shiny apps

I tried to configure a directory in my home directory for my shiny apps, but so far have failed. I was only able to configure the directory for a single shiny app with the following configuration. But what I want is to have multiple apps under /home/username/ShinyApps/. I tried to remove the app_dir line (as a hunch), but the server failed to start with the error Job for shiny-server.service failed because a configured resource limit was exceeded. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

location /username/ShinyApps {

    # user to run apps
    run_as username;

    # for a single app only
    app_dir /home/username/ShinyApps/;

    # log directory
    log_dir /home/username/ShinyApps/logs;

    # directory structure
    directory_index on;