Error with binman and chrome driver directory (RSelenium)

I am trying to use RSelenium and I am having trouble with binman and finding Chrome drivers.

The RSelenium tutorial I am following told me to running this command to find the Chrome drivers available to me:

binman::app_dir("chromedriver", check = TRUE)

But I keep getting this error:

Error: ~/Library/Application Support/binman_chromedriver app directory not found.

I am on MacOS (v 12.6) and using R studio. I have tried reinstalling both RSelenium and binman neither has helped. I also searched my machine to see if binman_chromedriver directory was installed under a different file path but I found nothing. The tutorial I am following implied that installing RSelenium should be enough to make this command run, but maybe I need to install the driver separately? I am very new to RSelenium so I don't 100% understand what is doing on under the hood so any tips on how to resolve this issue would be great.

I'm use Rselenium but in Windows.

I'm run with this step:

  1. Download Java and install.
  2. Download your Chrome driver version and install.
  3. The Java, Chrome Driver and selenium.jar put in the same folder
# check this

When you make this, run in Rstudio Rselenium, but start the .jar with cmd.

Next run the .jar like this

java -jar selenium-server-standalone-3.2.0.jar

And this should mean that everything is OK and Selenium Server is up and running.

Next, continue in Rstudio in your work script.

A couple of questions about this solution:

  1. Does it matter where the folder with Java, Chrome Driver, and selenium.jar lives? Will RSelenium expect to it be in a specific place?
  2. What is the selenium.jar/where do I find it? Is it part of the Chrome Driver or the RSelenium package?

Ever since I was taught to use RSelenium I was given the suggestion to put these files in the same folder. Since there are several ways to use Rselenium but as I understand, this one is one of the most stable. Maybe it doesn't matter if you have everything in the same folder.

But it is important to download the right driver according to your version of chrome to avoid the Rselenium crash.

The .jar files are related to Java functionalities, also with the metadata exchange as I have read.

In the link of the drive I share all the files to facilitate the use.

It makes sense why all those things should go in the same folder, but my question is where should that folder go so that way when I call rsdriver() it knows where to find all those elements?

You could use this for open Rselenium

  1. Make the steps of my first post. All step.

  2. Open the .jar file with cmd. This should show Rselenium is running. Don't close this windows.

  3. Run the script in Rstudio:

remDr <- remoteDriver(browserName = "chrome",port = 4444, 
                      remoteServerAddr = "localhost")  

# If you make the all step well, you could work with it.

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