Error while connecting to mysql databse(remotely)

Hi All, I am trying to save my shiny app user data in mysql databse(remotely).
But when I am trying to establish a connection with the database, it's showing an error-
Error in .local(drv, ...) :
Failed to connect to database: Error: Unknown MySQL Server Host 'host_ip' (11001)

I am using-

mydb = dbConnect(MySQL(), user='user', 
                 password='pwd', dbname='db_name', host='host_ip')

shouldn't it be the ip of the database host and not a character string saying 'host_ip' ?

I am using IP only. Just for confidentiality, I didn't copied here..

ok, that wasnt clear since you edited the error message.
can you confirm that you can successfully ping the ip you tried to use ? that the service is running and accepting queries etc?

Yes. I can ping the same in browser and can access after user id and pwd.. And it is accepting the queries.

where is this function from ?

It's from RMySQL library.

I don't know how to support you in trying to access a database that in principle I myself can't access.

No problem. Thanks. :slight_smile:

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