Error when using new project/git

Hello all, I get an error (git was not detected on the system path) when i go to new project/version control/git
but I do have git installed.
when I run Sys.check("git") i get
then if i go to preferences/git/svn..enable version control is checked and the executable path is the same /usr/bin/git
I can also create a new repo on git and commit from rstudio so it seems like the path is working there but not here. sorry, I'm still a bit new to this and not sure what to do to fix.
can anyone point me in the right direction?
thank you

ok, figured it out. in case it helps anyone in the future, i found my answer in the happy git doc...once i did the below and restarted it works just fine again. heads up for any puzzled mac users

15.2 RStudio Git pane disappears on Mac OS
After a Mac OS upgrade, you might need to trigger the Xcode command line tools to prompt you for what it needs, i.e. to re-install or re-agree to the license agreement. We have seen this cause the RStudio Git pane to disappear on a system where it was previously working. Use commands like these below to tickle Xcode:

xcode-select --install

git config --global --list
Then restart RStudio.

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ah, gotcha, makes sense, done thanks!

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