Error when trying to reconfigure the size of instance for Shiny app deployed on

I have deployed an app to, however are running into memory issues (getting 'Out of memory!' messages in the logs).

When I try to configure the size of the instance running the app, I am getting an error message that I can't seem to resolve. This issue has been posted on github under rstudio > rsconnect (here - but has no responses to date, I am hoping this forum may be able to assist...

Command and error:

> rsconnect::configureApp("GLORIA_Demo_1000_LaTrobe_Street", size = "xlarge", account = "brintelligence")
Error in client$configureApplication(application$id, propertyName, propertyValue) : 
  attempt to apply non-function
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I was able to reproduce this error - in the meantime, is this something that you have tried to do in the UI?

If you go to Settings -> General -> Instance, you should have the ability to change the app settings directly until we can fix whatever is going on here.

Moved this to RStudio Cloud, where it will be more visible to the relevant developers. I also updated the Github issue with some details of my debugging.

Sorry Cole, this is not RStudio Cloud.
We do monitor the shinyappsio tag.
Putting back to the Shiny category.

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Until the rsconnect issue is resolved, you should be able to change the instance size using the admin dashboard.

Woops! Sorry about that :slight_smile: So the shinyappsio tag was helpful - 50%!

Hey Cole. Just went back in through the shinyapps UI and followed your instructions to resize the instance (I needed to upgrade our plan). Apologies, I honestly didn't realise I could make config changes via the UI, I don't know how I didn't stumble across the Settings tab within the Applications area ("D'Oh"). Thanks for your support on this one...!

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No worries at all! Glad we could help :slight_smile: You did uncover a legitimate bug, so thanks for improving the service!