Error when trying to plot Taylor Diagram

Hi all,

I am currently trying to construct some Taylor Diagram plots in order to evaluate the performance of a model. I haven't done this before but, having followed instructions in the "openair" manual, I am still getting an error.

This is my script at the moment:


*# Import data to be analysed #*
*nk_o3_sum<-import("O3_mod vs meas_15km.csv", file.type = "csv",sep = ",",*
*  = 1, = 2,date = "Times (UTC)",date.format = "%d/%m/%Y %H:%M")*
*#Remove date column & rows without modelled/measured data*
*nk_o3_sum <- nk_o3_sum[,-1]*
*nk_o3_sum <-nk_o3_sum[-c(481:601),]*

*# Plot Taylor Diagram #*
*TaylorDiagram(nk_o3_sum, obs = "measured", mod = "modelled", group = NULL,*
*              type = "default", normalise = FALSE)*

When I try to plot it, I get this error:

"Error in if (type %in% dateTypes & type %in% names(x)) { : 
  argument is of length zero"

Just wondered if anybody could help me understand what is causing this error?


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