Error when trying to export a data frame to .xlsx file using write.xlsx function in "xlsx" package

I’m trying to export a data frame to .xlsx file using the write.xlsx function in the openxlsx package. I keep receiving the error below and not sure how to get around it. Do you know what is the trouble?

write.xlsx {xlsx}

Write.xlsx (tweets, file="Lady.xlsx",
SheetName = "Lady", col.names = TRUE,
row.names = TRUE,
append = FALSE,
pasword = NULL)

Error in Write.xlsx(tweets, file = "Lady.xlsx", SheetName = "Lady", col.names = TRUE, :
can´t find "Write.xlsx"

R is case-sensitive. Try typing write.xlsx() instead of Write.xlsx().

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I was able to export the data frame with writexl. But now I don't export all the data from all the columns.
Any suggestions so I can export them all?

You mean to say that your Excel file contains fewer than 90 columns? Can you check how many columns were properly exported?

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