Error when starting Shiny App with keras model

Greeting Everyone,

I was able to successfully deploy shiny app to shinyappio. However I am getting a value error and the application does not start. refer attached screen short of the images.

Please assist.

What versions of the keras and tensorflow packages are you using?

I am moving this over to the machine learning category.

Hi Josh,
Installed versions details are below
keras 2.16
tensorflow 1.9.0

Hi Josh,

I tried to update the keras and tensorflow packages to the following version

keras - 2.2.2
tensorflow - 1.10.0

and tried to publish...I am getting IO Error: unable to locate the model now.

You are using an absolute path that indicates you have Windows locally. Try using a relative path instead.

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Thanks Josh. Was able to correct the path as suggested and the application up and running.