Error when running knitr after update of RStudio and R

I suddenly run into the following error:

! Missing $ inserted.
<inserted text> 
l.87 ...egraphics[width=150pt]{LPI Planning_Control}

Try to find the following text in Factuur-week.Rmd:
  ...egraphics[width=150pt]{LPI Planning_Control} 

You may need to add $ $ around a certain inline R expression `r ` in Factuur-week.Rmd (see the above hint). See for more info.
Error: LaTeX failed to compile Factuur-week.tex. See for debugging tips. See Factuur-week.log for more info.
Execution halted

Don't have a clue what happened.


I believe this is an issue because you have a _ in your filename. LaTeX does not handle this well as _ is a special character in TeX so you need to escape. It is for math mainly, hence the advice with $

This is a known issue in LaTeX. It is recommended to use dash in file path and labels for example to avoid this type of error

Can you try after renaming your file ?

Hi Christophe,

Just renamed the graphics file. Works like a charm.

Thanks a lot for your very fast reply!

Kind regards,


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Glad it worked!

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