Error when Restoring a Project / Trouble Launching

I have been having trouble getting a project (project titled "dstCSDR", to open over the last few days (it will sit and spin on the loading page forever). I was able get it open yesterday by switching from private to public and by using Firefox (rather than Chrome) to open it.

Today, it once again would not load. When reading other similar comments, one person mentioned that deleting and restoring their project was helping. This felt stressful but desperate times.... While trying the restore, I'm getting the following error:

Task 2616f828-624c-4181-8423-a7c3686544c5 failed: Timeout waiting for application=1062425 deployment=4182690 replicas to become ready: [{'node': 'ip-172-16-42-192.ec2.internal', 'name': 'application-1062425-deployment-4182690-n9vkw'}, 

EDIT: I think this was its project link which now, understandably, gives an "Project is in an invalid state" error.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

This application has been repaired in our system, so you should be able to load it just fine. Sorry for the problem, let us know if its still not working.


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