Error when loading package (R 3.5.2)

Hi all

I am working in a offline environment. I have installed the packages necessary for “dplyr”. I am currently using R3.5.2 (not able to update to latest version due to restriction).

I have encountered the following prompt when trying to load the package:

Error: package or namespace load failed for ‘dplyr’ in rbind(info, getNamespaceInfo(env, "S3methods")):

number of columns of matrices must match (see arg 2)

In addition: Warning message:

package ‘tidyverse’ was built under R version 3.6.1

Do anyone know how to resolve this?

Can you try to reinstall dplyr for you R3.5.2 version ?

There are some differences I think between R 3.5 and R 3.6 regarding S3 methods, and it is possible you can't use a package build under R 3.6 with R 3.5 version.

Or maybe did you already tried to reinstalled ?

Also are you on windows ?

Thank you for your reply.
Currently, i am using the following link to download the dplyr:

How do I know which file is supported by R3.5.2 but not 3.6?

are you on windows ?
Did you try to reinstall the package yet ?

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