error when knitting rmd

Desperately need help. I created an .rmd file and would like to knit. all the individual chunks work except the first. the first code chunk is:

Trip_Data <- list.files(path = "C:/Users/pheob/Desktop/CapStone project", 
                       pattern = "202201-divvy-tripdata.csv", full.names = TRUE) %>%
  lapply(read_csv) %>%                                          
pt <- PivotTable$new()
pt$defineCalculation(calculationName="totalrides", summariseExpression="n()")
ggplot(Trip_Data, aes(day_of_week,ride_length, fill = member_casual)) +
  geom_bar(stat="identity", position = "dodge") +
  labs(title="January 2022")

However when I click "knit", i get this error:

Error: The name of the input file cannot contain the special shell characters: [ <>()|:&;#?*'] (attempted to copy to a version without those characters 'Bike-Rider-Membership.Rmd' however that file already exists)
Execution halted

Any and all help would be greatly appreciated. thank you

Embedded blank is the cause

Nope I don't think it is . The error is related to the Rmd file rendered.

What is the name of the input Rmd file that you have opened and you are trying to knit ? Is there any special character in this Rmd file ?

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