Error when I deploy: "There is no package called 'highcharter'."


When I try to deploy my app, I get an error that reads:

An error has occurred. Check your logs or contact the app author for clarification.

In my logs, the error is:

Quitting from lines 14-26 (timeline.Rmd)
Warning: Error in library: there is no package called 'highcharter'

The lines in question (lines 14-26) are


stateList = state_codes[c(1:52,54,57,60,63),] # Get a list of the name of states
alphaStates = select(stateList[order(stateList$state_name),], state_name, state_abbr) # Select states from stateList
alphaStates$url = gsub(" ", "-", alphaStates$state_name)

Then I have a sidebar with 2 inputs, called "state" and "category".

When I checked my code, this error only occurred after I ran:

# Create reactive element that filters the state names based on input from "state"

stits <- reactive({
  dita <- data.frame()
  dita <- (filter(alphaStates, state_name == input$state))
  dita$state_abbr <- tolower(dita$state_abbr)

# Create reactive element called "category" that filters the plot shown

category <- reactive({
  outcome = switch(input$category,
                   "Positive Cases Total" = "positive",
                   "Deaths Total" = "death", 
                   "Recovered Total" = "recovered",
                   "Hospitalized Total" = "hospitalizedCumulative", 
                   "Hospitalized Currently" = "hospitalizedCurrently", 
                   "Negative Test Results Total" = "negative", 
                   "Total Test Results" = "totalTestResults", 
                   "Increase in Positive Cases" = "positiveIncrease", 
                   "Increase in Deaths" = "deathIncrease", 
                   "Increase in Hospitalized" = "hospitalizedIncrease")

I've updated the highcharter package and checked the encoding, but that did not fix the issue. What is the issue?

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