Error when first using quarto

I have the latext rstudio installed and I try to run my first quarto file. However, I get this message with error when I hit render:

to: html
output-file: try.html
standalone: true
section-divs: true
html-math-method: mathjax
wrap: none
default-image-extension: png

document-css: false
link-citations: true
date-format: long
lang: en
title: try
editor: visual

Error running filter C:/R/RStudio/bin/quarto/share/filters/quarto-finalize/quarto-finalize.lua:
[string "..."]:266: cannot open file 'C:\Users?????\AppData\Local\Temp\quarto-session12cd9395\d767457b\0224a5ed' (Invalid argument)
stack traceback:
[string "..."]:266: in function 'io.lines'
[string "..."]:1440: in field 'processDependencies'
...quarto/share/filters/quarto-finalize/quarto-finalize.lua:37: in function <...quarto/share/filters/quarto-finalize/quarto-finalize.lua:34>

I checked online and really dont know what to do with this. Could anyone help me to see what is going on here? Thanks a loooot!

This looks like an issue in our internal code. Which version of Quarto are you using ? Could you try latest pre-release ? Quarto – Download Quarto

Do you have special characters in your username ? What is supposed to be in ???

Hi Christophe,

Thank you so much for replying my post, truly appreciated!

I originally use what is built in with Rstudio. Based on your instruction, I downloaded the newest version of Quarto and rerun the hello.qmd file and I get:

Error running filter C:/Quarto/share/filters/quarto-finalize/quarto-finalize.lua:
[string "..."]:268: cannot open file 'C:\Users?????\AppData\Local\Temp\quarto-session6b5f7996\9a34f1e4\ec4f1f13' (Invalid argument)
stack traceback:
[string "..."]:268: in function 'io.lines'
[string "..."]:1476: in field 'processDependencies'
C:/Quarto/share/filters/quarto-finalize/quarto-finalize.lua:41: in function <C:/Quarto/share/filters/quarto-finalize/quarto-finalize.lua:38>

In terms of ???, I have chinese character as my user name which is why it is showing ???.

This could be definitely the issue unfortunately...

Can you run with debug trace ? See instruction here Quarto – Bug Reports

I think this would worth an issue in Quarto CLI github repo.

We should handle everyting in UTF-8 but maybe we need to handle encoding better in some place.

Special characters in PATH on Windows creates really crazy problem AFAIR with rmarkdown and Pandoc experience. Hopefully we'll be able to fix this quickly on our side (if this is not on Pandoc side...)

Thank you

Hi Christophe,

Thank you so much for identifying the error! I checked my computer and it is not in UTF-8 which I believe is the problem. I have rerun based on the bug report guideline and will submit it to the guihub repo. I will try to fix my computer to UTF-8 to see it works.

Thanks a lot!

Yes please to report and link back here. I think we should handle non-UTF8 environment gracefully so please to do open the report. thank you

Found it.

It is best to cross link to keep track of Questions and answers

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