Error When Downloading Bundle

I am attempting to recover a shiny app that was lost from my computer, currently deployed on my account.

I am able to download a bundle from my dashboard for the app, but upon decompression no meaningful data is found. According to, the bundle should contain the application code, a manifest file, a html file, and a packrat folder, as well as associated datasets etc, but none of these seem to be present.

7z returns the error "Warning: cannot open the file as [tar] archive, the file is open as [gzip] archive when attempting to decompress.

Has anyone else encountered this, or is there another way to obtain the code for my app from the deployed version? (Is there a way to change a deployed app into showcase mode?)

Hi @MSSmith!

I just attempted to download a bundle of one of my apps and was able to untar it using the R code below. (The long name was the default name for my downloaded bundle.)

  exdir = "995f902dbf3b4953892d31224d3e11ba"

Please let me know how this works for you.

- Barret

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