Error when creating git-builder with Package Manager, but able to clone same repo with git


We've run into an issue when attempting to create a git-builder for our R packages on our private repository. We are able to clone the repo with a "git clone" command and the relevant credentials, but when we attempt to create a git-builder for this same URL and the same credentials, it returns the following error:

Error: error cloning: error with git.PlainClone: unexpected client error: unexpected requesting "" status code:400

We have imported the HTTPS credentials and verified that those credentials work when doing a simple git clone. We are running behind a proxy, but as I said, we can clone the git repo in question and the package manager is synced to other repositories such as CRAN. We've verified that the PAT is full-scope and we've tried setting AllowUnsandboxedGitBuilds = true per another thread for a similar issue.

For clarity, we can successfully clone:


But receive the status code: 400 error when git-builder tries:

And it seems to be automatically adding git-upload-pack to the end of whatever URL we specify for the git-builder.

Hi @micfischer, this sounds like a bug with Git builders that we recently fixed in Posit Package Manager 2023.12.0:

  • Fixed the empty git-upload-pack given error that ocurred with Git builders for Azure Git repositories. (#12323)

What Package Manager version are you on? If it's 2023.08, you can try an upgrade to 2023.12.0.

We're on 08-4-20. I'll look into upgrading. Thanks!

Edit: Upgrading to 2023.12.0 seems to have resolved this issue.

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