Error when converting shiny application to package

...I am building a shiny application. and trying to convert it into package (named carve) by following steps in Chapter 20 Packages | Mastering Shiny (

i have added the required packages to description file with usethis::use_package() , but when i try to run pkgload::load_all() and call the carve(). it is giving error as below.

I have not added @importFrom packageName to program or namespace . in the documetation

At a minimum, you’ll need usethis::use_package("shiny") , and for Shiny apps, I recommend using @import shiny to make all the functions in the Shiny package easily available. (Using @import is not generally considered best practice, but it makes sense here).

Any suggestions would be helpful

:information_source: Loading carve
Error in load_all():
! Failed to load R/carve_ui.R
Caused by error in fluidPage():
! could not find function "fluidPage"

issue is resolved, Updated R oxygen and ran devtools::documents. not just usethis::use_package shiny is not enough. add @import and @importFrom is required in certain cases.

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