error using lme4

I installed lme4 package


#My dissertation supervisor gave me a code to use but R keeps returning an error... please help!

lme4 is the name of the package. lmer is the actual model-fitting function from the package. So try:

# Load the package to make its functions available

# Fit the model
my_model = lmer(y ~ x + (1|z), data=my_data)

To make it easier for us to provide additional help tailored to your problem, please provide a reproducible example. A picture of the RStudio window generally doesn't provide enough information and code and data can't be copied/pasted from it.


Thank you for the reply. The '>' has changed to '+' and model isn't running, what have I done wrong now ahh. Sorry probably very obvious, I am extremelyScreen Shot 2020-11-30 at 19.13.55 new to R.

You're missing a comma. Change (1|Spider_name)data to (1|Spider_name), data

I have added in comma but still not running and keeps giving a '+' symbol instead of a '>' symbol.Screen Shot 2020-11-30 at 19.19.31

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Your issue is that your previous inputs to the console did not terminate, therefore the corrected code you added is simply added to it.
You can press escape to back out of the console. Before trying again


Sorry I will type out the code next time! And thank you for the help aswell.

Do you know how I can summarise my data to show the p-value? Thanks again.


You're having the issue that Nir pointed out in the accepted answer. Press escape to end the previous statement and enter the code on a new line. You should see a > rather than a + to indicate you're at the start of a new line of code, rather than continuing a previous statement.

Instead of entering the code at the console, you will probably find it easier to open an R script file. Type your code in the script and save the file. Then you can run the code any time and edit the script as needed, and you will have a record of what you did.

Hi it is library("Matrix"). Matrix enclosed between two " "....

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