Error using blr_gains_table()

Hello, I'm working on linear regression to determine the risk of losing some contacts in a sample data. I'm using this website to do it (very useful !!!):
A Short Introduction to the blorr Package (

My model is ready, but when I want to plot the lift chart like this :

(picture from the website above)
I have the following error :

The help I've found online is that :
"This error message occurs when you input an index into a matrix that is too large for that matrix. "
But I'm not trying to plot a personalized matrix, I want to plot the results of the R function blr_gains_table() so can I have a 'too large' matrix with a standard function ?

My model is made by the same formula as the website : using glm fonction with family = binomial

Also, I've done this before, and I could plot the graph without any error, using the same cmd, just the data source was different.

I've found many websites using this code :

reg2g %>%
  blr_gains_table() %>% 

just reg2g has to be replaced by the name of your model (mine : reg_olddef).

To generate my model, I don't have any errors now, even the cmd : blr_regress(reg_olddef, odd_conf_limit = TRUE) is working successfully.

Can anyone help please ?


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